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Sqldatasource updating event

sometimes trying to get those magic parameters to work can be a B&*$$ so what i do sometimes is in your gridview make your fields that you are updating template fields then you can name the texboxes whatever you want (i know this is work but thats why you get paid $$$$$ (ding ding sound) .

I am debugging code written by a previous developer :-) I have a SQLData Source control that is calling a database stored procedure, and passing quite a large number of paramaters, and the stored proc returns records that populates a gridview control.

(tried combining the value lines with no success- though it may not be problem) No luck, still too many arguments after the following edits... Selecting event, simply loop through the Sql Data Source Selecting Event Args. This will give you a list of the arguments passed through your Sql Data Source.

- Had 1 textbox in form also bound (to qc Parnet_ID) so I Deleted it- Edited control v2_ID feeding @qc Parent to "Bind("qc Parent_ID")"- Set Data Key Names of Formview to qc Parent_ID ??? You should be able to see what extra fields are coming through.

Sql Data Source allows you to Select/Insert/Update/Delete the data from the database without even writing a single line of code.

But sometimes you need to dynamically assign a parameter.

And yes, this is the last time I will be using Sql Data Source - It seems everyone recommends a different approach (DAC?

Do you have a way that I can track the @original Order ID and @Order Total parameter's value before the update occurs?

For this you can easily create a protected method and use databind to display the username in the txt User Name Text Box.