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Maidstone dating

With a population of over 75,000 people, Kent’s county town – Maidstone – is one of the most thriving in South East.

To this day, mention a girl from the enemy school and it’s likely there will be some truly bitter words spoken. The school uniform worn by the 'hard girls' was pretty similar (despite the rivalry). Our choice of boozing establishment changed as we got older. You may have heard us tell you that it is owned by BOY GEORGE.

It’ll only remind us of our absolutely vile school uniform, and in turn, the rivalry between MGGS and Invicta. Not something to be proud of, but for some mad reason, we are.9. Girls could get in here if they flirted with the bouncer from about age 16.

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Here are some of the town’s greatest locations to consider for a great date: Described as the ‘loveliest castle in the world’, Leeds Castle is certainly one of the most romantic.

Double Your Money Cards helped us out by doing exactly what they said on the tin. In my eyes though, you really have to give credit to a town that has two Spoons within a 300 yard radius.