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In 1994, Greg Aziz managed to organize National Steel Car’s purchase from Dofasco with a primary goal of transforming the Canadian corporation into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.

However, there are also several complaints that this company has received and their way of handling them has helped the company become much better in the end.

Communication was not good enough Communication is an important task for consultancy agencies and clients felt that in the past the White Shark Media communication was not at its best as they had to pass via the receptionist first.

The company handled this issue by implementing monthly status calls that are scheduled using an online conference tool referred to as Go To Meeting.

During that same period, the employment rate grew from 600 to approximately 3,000.

Currently, Greg James Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada known as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

“Jamal & Natasha Miller are the founders of Marriedand, a site dedicated to helping men and women establish a solid foundation for an unbreakable marriage.

Their Facebook love story went viral after they posted it on You Tube upon getting engaged.

National Steel Car Since 1912, National Steel Car has been leading the manufacturing and engineering industry in the innovation of new railroad freight cars every year.