Start Dating a cocktial waitress in las vegas

Dating a cocktial waitress in las vegas

In 1957, Cotton came to Las Vegas to perform in the show the starring Cab Calloway.

Whatever happened to the other gorgeous-gammed brunette who was his ever-present red carpet arm candy years ago? (Photo: Getty) Celebuzz caught up with the stunning former model, now 34, who after dating GC for over a year (circa 2007-2008), ditched Hollywood for good — and took up a more anonymous job in an even more anonymous city.

No, not Italian ex-girlfriend-turned- contender Elisabetta Canalis. “I’m the director for a medical spa in New York City. I’ve always wanted to live here so I did it,” she added.

The former cocktail waitress admits she loved dating the former People magazine Sexiest Man Alive, but the romance wasn't always a hoot. At times, I (didn't) know what to do." The pair dated for almost a year and Larson reveals the break up was fast, and she hasn't kept in touch with her famous ex: "I haven't spoken with him in a very long time.

In her first in-depth TV interview about her relationship with the movie hunk, Larson tells U. news show Access Hollywood, "It was a little nerve-wracking because everybody loves George, and so, to be in the public eye like that, it was a little bit stressful. (It's) not necessarily that there's hard feelings but we just haven't...

It was sparkly, soft, and suffocating, and Robbie, the thirtysomething waitress I would be shadowing that night, laughed as my face turned as purple as the dress.

There are no standards for hair and makeup, but most of the girls wear some variation of Robbie's look: dark, crimped hair, heavily rouged cheeks, and bright red lips.

When you break-up, it's difficult but you move on." And she's determined not to become a kiss-and-tell lover: "Out of respect for George, I know how personal he is and so I really do try to avoid as much of that as possible, because I know that he's a very personal guy and I would never wanna do anything to make (him) uncomfortable." » George Clooney's model ex will have to wait for fashion glory - her plans to link with style guru Christian Audigier have fallen flat.

Sarah Larson recently boasted of teaming up with the Los Angeles-based designer for a new beachwear and general clothing line, but it appears her remarks are premature - Audigier insists he has no plans to collaborate with the former reality TV star.

Her career brought her to Las Vegas in 1957 and she made the Westside her home until her death in 2009.

(Dolores) Cotton began dancing professionally in high school.

She began taking dance lessons by the age of five, and had her first professional jobs while in high school.