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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Geology & Geophysics A magnetostratigraphic study has been carried out to constrain the age of the volcano-sedimentary Ngwa formation in the eastern part of the Dschang region.

English and French are official languages, a heritage of Cameroon's colonial past as both a colony of the United Kingdom and France from 1916 to 1960.

The nation strives toward bilingualism, but in reality, very few Cameroonians speak both French and English, and many speak neither.

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The government has established several bilingual schools in an effort to teach both languages more evenly.

Cameroon is a member of both the Commonwealth of Nations and La Francophonie.

In the lower part of the section, a K-Ar radiometric dating was performed on the plagioclase minerals isolated from the tuffs level situated about 15 meters above the lignite seam, and gave an age of 20.1 ± 0.7 Ma.