Start Are bethany joy lenz and james lafferty dating

Are bethany joy lenz and james lafferty dating

She hooked up with James Lafferty (Nathan) in 2008, and she dated Austin Nichols, who plays her on-screen hubby Julian Baker, on and off from 2006 through February 2012.

It's frustrating for him to have to deal with it." Bush: "The pendulum in her life has swung. As the career fell apart, she put her family first and became a wife and a mother.

Lafferty wurde als ältester Sohn des Bauunternehmers Jeff Lafferty und seiner Frau Angie geboren.

Schon zu Grundschulzeiten wurden er und sein Bruder Stuart von einem Freund der Familie für die Schauspielerei entdeckt.

Wie in der Serie One Tree Hill ist Laffertys große Leidenschaft Basketball.

Seit 2015 ist er neben Mark Schwahn am Dreh von The Royals als Regisseur beteiligt.

Like Brooke, Sophia Bush tends to become romantically involved with the people closest to her.

Sophia tied the knot with Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) on April 16, 2005, only to file for divorce several months later, citing fraud.

PHOTOS: 17 New Shows Premiering in 2012 Lafferty, Galeotti and co-star Sophia Bush (Brooke), who directed the series' penultimate episode, took a moment to look back on their ." Galeotti: "The final scene I shot was a scene on the stage and it's on Julian's (Austin Nichols) soundstage. It's a totally different season and it's something we haven't seen before -- a tall statement for what is. We've taken the audience on several rollercoasters but I can guarantee you that the audience has never seen anything like this so far." Bush, of Schwahn's hint that not everyone will be seen by season's end: "I can't say anything about it otherwise they're going to me!