Start Updating interior doors

Updating interior doors

This project is a quick and easy way to bring old doors into the current era and add some customization, depth and class to any doorway.

So when we actually found our house, it was no surprise that it was filled with hollow core doors. When it was installed, I knew that we would need to take a break and re-evaluate.

But not just hollow core doors…doors that just didn’t work. So it has been on the “to do” list to replace them since day one. We fixed the few doors that weren’t working and lived with them for a while.

When we were looking for a house, time and time again each house proudly boasted the originial hollow core doors from the 50′s.

And time and time again, I knew they would have to be replaced if we bought the house. But I had no idea how frustrating hanging a new door could be.

As we’ve been slowly making updates over the last two years, oil rubbed bronze has been my finish of choice and for this new door hardware, I chose to use the Schlage Andover style in the ORB finish.

The door hardware set came with all the parts needed to make the switch. To begin, I removed the existing interior door hardware so that only the hole of the door was left. Before installing the new hardware, it’s important to look at the edge of the door to determine if there is a ‘notched out’ section for a plate to sit in OR if there is simply a circle for the “guts”. Lastly, I removed the existing strike plate on the door jamb and changed it with the ORB style. After the hardware was taken off, it was the perfect time to slap a coat of fresh white paint on the door.

FYI – Beadboard wallpaper is a texturized wallpaper.