Start Dating ebook 01

Dating ebook 01

From Bella Jewel, the USA Today bestselling author of the wildly popular Alphas Heart e-series, comes a pulse-pounding thriller about a serial killer who’s hiding in plain sight, targeting his prey one BLIND DATE at a time. But then, just as her dating life seems to be getting started, Hartley is struck with a horrifying realization: Someone is watching her. If only Hartley could know for sure whether what is happening to her is real or if her grief is making her lose touch with reality.

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You have to stop acting like every guy could be the one and like there’s a fire – there isn’t.

You deserve better than someone’s half hearted interest and there is no excuse for Start as you mean to go on.

I should also remind about ‘lender awareness’ – do not allow yourself to be in a situation where you are sharing your man, whether it’s because you turn a blind eye to his cheating, or you keep letting him break up with you and then take him back once he’s got her/them out of his skin…which brings me neatly to… I will not spend my time waiting around, whether it’s for their calls, or for them to show up after they’ve disappeared, waiting for them to come back, waiting for them to turn into The Man I Think He Could/Should Be, or waiting for them to decide if they want to be with me – I’m not putting my life on hold for anyone.

When a man is interested, you are in no doubt about their interest and they don’t run the risk of losing you.

Those around her aren’t convinced that she’s being stalked, nor is the wonderful, supportive man Hartley’s started dating. How can Hartley seek protection when nobody believes that she’s at risk—and the only one in the world she can trust is herself? You can’t keep hiding away, avoiding the world.”I glance at Taylor, my best friend and a royal pain in my ass, and grimace. ACCLAIM FOR THE NOVELS OF BELLA JEWEL"You can't go wrong with a Bella Jewel book." —Lustful Literature "The story was fresh, unique, sexy, and was loaded with mystery and intrigue. I expect nothing less from Bella." —A Hopeless Romantic's Booklandia"An entertaining, hot read that will keep you on your toes." —Rochelle 's Reviews"A sexy, dramatic suspense that I didn’t want to put down!

The exciting new life she has created for herself is slowly becoming a nightmare. The dynamic characters came to life and jumped off of the pages. " —Harlequin Junkies “Fast paced, action packed, steamy story.

Yet, every day I hear from women who even in reading about boundaries and knowing the importance of them are afraid to actually divorce on the horizon, and who are not over their ex. You’re not someone to pass time with while they figure out what they do and don’t want, and the moment that you involve yourself in any of the above situations, the person knows that they don’t really have to do anything.