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Yigal azrouel dating

The only negative is that it's hard to lift your arms at all.

Miami is home to models and fashion worshippers alike. It has warm weather year-round, it boasts luxury boutiques and designer stores galore, and it is known as an international center of commerce.

Miami may be teeming with fashionable people in all corners, but it’s fair to say that South Beach is the capital of this fashion capital.

Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël launched for Fall 2010, a modern brand concept combining high fashion with a day-to-day simplicity.

The design sensitivity is democratic, inspiring personality and creativity.

He even filmed a short documentary about Liberty City titled Liberty City Is Like Paris To Me.

Bruce Weber isn’t the only fashion bigwig to call Miami home.

Other stars to show their support included Jennifer Morrison and Tavi Gevinson.