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This is, naturally, most common in "quest" stories where the characters have an over-arching goal to achieve or Mac Guffin to claim. Note that in particularly ridiculous examples, a series may suffer from Myth Stall because it's laden with Filler Arcs suffering from Arc Stall.

Sometimes, the story is riddled with storylines which may be little more than a prolonged Monster of the Week story with no significant Character Development or Plot Advancement at all.

In extreme circumstances, the series might "end" only when the author does...

Suddenly, the arcs stop keeping up interest and instead lead to fan outcry for a conclusion already!

This usually occurs when the amount of time taken to tell an individual arc becomes horrendously disproportional to the amount of time that's passed in-universe (for example, taking several years to publish a story whose events supposedly happen within the span of a few hours), leading to a critical breakdown of Suspension of Disbelief.

They began looking for ways to increase their powers so they tired different things until one day someone came up the idea to eat and absorb the human souls which they did.

This did not sit well with the soul reapers who were the protectors of the human souls which then sparked war between the two.

This form of stall is most common in "The Continuing Adventures of"-style stories, which chronicle the many exploits of a character or group of characters, rather than have a set end-goal planned.

Myth Stall: The story has been going on for a long time. Teenagers in the present time weren't even born when the story began, and yet the characters are no closer to their final goal than they were five years ago.

After calling forth her mask, she is able to control the battle (if we can even call it that).

It takes one hit to decide a battle, and that’s exactly what happens here: Hiyori lands a devastating blow on Ichigo, cracking Zangetsu in the process.

En 2008 lo compró el coleccionista de arte alemán Rik Reinking.