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While he surveyed the wreckage, his wife 'phoned their insurance company and asked them to send a check for £30,000, [$60,000 USD] the amount of insurance on the barn.'We don't give you the money,' a company official explained.

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We replace the barn and all the equipment in it.' 'In that case,' replied the wife, 'cancel the policy I have on my husband.' If Your Wife is a Nag Will and Guy have discovered an allegedly true but outrageous marriage story.

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Apparently on hearing a disturbance their neighbour came over and, finding what she thought were two corpses, seized the opportunity to loot the place.

When you try to watch a documentary you will see a short trailer video which is not the main documentary (it is a bit confusing).

Dusk is falling and an Iowa farmer is staring out over his fields, reflecting upon his situation.