Start Dating stanley wood planes

Dating stanley wood planes

These are 8" to 9" long and 1 3/4" to 2" wide, Lie-Nielsen shown, Stanley # 3 and 4 fit into this category.

There is also a lot written about restoring them and tuning; videos you can buy too.

To make one work well is not too hard if you know what to look for and how to deal with the problems you might find.

Most oldtimers will tell you they spent more time setting them up than using them.

"S" casting mark on bed (raised dot on some specimens).• Frogs with "B" casting marks. During the 1920's, Stanley manufactured Type 4 Bed Rock Planes, for Keen Kutter and Winchester.

Let the games begin, starting with the bread and butter of Stanley, upon which they built an empire, the Bailey patent bench plane in its various configurations.

Leonard Bailey designed what has become the standard plane configuration that's still in use to this day.

They are plentiful, low cost and can be made into a magnificent tool with a little time and effort.