Start Dating a levi jacket

Dating a levi jacket

In addition, in the 1950’s Levi introduced the “Sawtooth” western shirt.

The stitching, patches and red Levi's tag are all indicators of how old a Levi's Jacket is.

Details varied as different versions emerged such as the departure of donut style buttons in early models to logo style buttons in later models.

In addition the early versions had no front pocket flap and with later models this feature was added.

Examine the stitching around the waistline of the Levi's jacket.

If you see only a single layer of stitching near the bottom button hole, the jacket was made between the mid-1960s and 1971.

Date: 1962 There are many denim jackets, but there's one to rule them all.

The “Type III,” also infamously known as the “trucker jacket” is easily distinguished from its older incarnations by the pointed flaps on its front chest pockets.

Only the “L” was capitalised after the mid 60s style.