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Who is dating whoopi goldberg

star began dating her first husband, Alvin Martin, in 1973.

Whoopi has a history of dating only white men, so why should we believe a word she says? in the media recently about moi because I had the audacity to say that I had some personal time with Mel that goes over years and years and said that I did not think of him as a racist,” Whoopi began on ‘The View’ today.

“If you had actually watched the show, you would have heard us say, and you would have heard me specifically say, ‘I don’t condone this.

But Whoopi suffers from that same social disorder that affected Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson: self hate.

Once certain black folk achieve a measure of success in the white man’s world, they suddenly forget they are black.

I don’t think this is right, I don’t think this is smart. My experience tells me that this is not a racist,'” she continued.

“Being a black woman, you’d think you would give me a little bit of leeway to have some feelings if I was around a racist.” Read More…

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