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The village streets are dark and narrow between the high buildings, maintaining the medieval feeling you get from crossing the bridge and entering the fortified area through the gateway.

The South Korean entertainment grand dating train of 2013 continues unabated, and with a little over one month left I’m dying to have it go out with a giant bang.

Along the wall in front of the church is a doorway to a very nice playground along the riverside.

Walk through the walled village and follow the signs for the citadel entrance.

In building his complex musical structures, mingling jazz and contemporary music, he chooses to mould his playing style according to the action, timbre, resonance and volume of each instrument.

Navigating between the warm, rounded sonorities of an original Érard of 1838, the precise and crystalline dynamics of a reproduction of an eighteenth-century instrument by Anton Walter, and the transparent sound of a copy of a Pleyel Concert Grand dating from 1843, the young prodigy of Belgian jazz achieves a balanced alternation of moods, mixing fragments of works or idiomatic expressive devices of the nineteenth century with spontaneous ideas while still preserving the specific character of each instrument.

Entrevaux is a fabulous sight: a medieval village guarding a narrow pass, a draw-bridge entrance high across a fast river, and walled walkway zig-zaging up through 20 fortified doorways to a 17th century citadel dominating the village and the surrounding valleys.

This is popular tourist site, only 60 km from Nice.

The Senator can also be seen in Barry Levinson movies Diner and Avalon, as well as Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys. One of Baltimore's great old theaters, the Grand, dating back to 1911 was demolished in 2003, though its marquee, box office and some interior features have apparently been salvaged.