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Vb net textbox event validating

But in the real world, you need to handle unexpected problems when your code is running.

And in the case where some validation failed, how would I know and cancel the OK event? Validate Children to force the validation of all the controls on the form, as long as they support validation.

Note that any control with Causes Validation set to False will not raise a Validating event and will therefore not be validated by Validate Children.

I am doing a simple aplication using Windows Forms and I have a question...

My form has 15 textboxs and I want to validate everyone using the event Key Press or validating.

The control's Validating events are used to validate the data and report the error to the Error Provider if there is any.

This work great when the user enter wrong informations into the control and leaves the control.

Success Then Msg Box("Please enter alpha text only.") Text Box1.

i am making application in which there are 10 textbox in which i am changing background color when it got focus and lost focus. is there any way i can set or add custom code that every textbox added in form change color on got focus and lost focus and can assign textbox validation number only, alphanumeric. Back Color = interface Focus Txt Color End Sub One way, which I am using myself often, is to make an array of textboxes.

I have this code that is working: Have a look here:….

It is essentially the same as what you're asking.

Consistent use of these techniques will help make your applications more robust and reliable.