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Laetitia casta dating

French supermodel-turned-actress Laetitia Casta has married Louis Garrel on the island of Corsica.

Casta and Garrel were seen together on a walk through the Latin Quarter of Paris, and the last Sunday the paparazzi captured actors having lunch at a restaurant in the French capital., who was 17 years older than Louis.

Actor and sister of the former first lady of France, even adopted a girl from Senegal named Celine, but a common child didn’t not help them to save their love.

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Yves was an athlete as far as ashtray throwing is concerned.” Although he was totally dedicated to haute couture and treated staff well, his closest “friends” described him as incapable of giving. The model Victoire - the only woman the designer considered marrying - said: “They say he loved women. He used them.” By 1976, Saint Laurent had succumbed to the “Judy Garland syndrome”, according to one friend.

Like the doomed actress, he dealt with his success by consuming amphetamines and tranquillisers.

He took to sniffing cocaine, taking Valium and drinking whisky straight from the bottle.

The mixture “started to create irreversible damage to Yves’s psyche,” the book writes.

According to Italy's Chi magazine, Lumino's mayor, Etienne Suzzoni, officiated the ceremony. Casta was previously engaged to Italian actor Stefano Accorsi, the father of her two youngest children, Athena, eight, and Orlando, 10.