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You have to be connected to the internet in order for viewing the live footage of your camera.

View Cam Lite requires you to login before you can start using it for viewing the live feed from your camera.

You will have to select the Login Type and choose whether you want the app to remember your selection or not before clicking the Login button.

Step 1: Log into the web-based configuration of the camera.

Step 2: Click the Maintenance tab and then click Device Management to the left. How are multiple camera views displayed on the screen using D-View Cam 2.0?

Once you have logged in, this camera viewer will start showing you the live footage of your DVR if you have already connected it to the app.

You will be able to view this footage in the Liveview window of View Cam Lite.

View Cam Lite is a useful app which enables you to remotely view and monitor the live feed of a DVR on your Smartphone.