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Brit marling dating

Then both films, Another Earth and Sound of My Voice, got accepted at Sundance where they were picked up by Fox Searchlight.

She starred in the 2016 Netflix series The OA, which she co-created with Zal Batmanglij.

Marling co-wrote, co-produced, and acted in the 2011 films Sound of My Voice and Another Earth, directed by Batmanglij and Cahill respectively.

I found constantly, even when I was afforded the opportunity to get into the rooms, that my work didn’t have an audience. Marling: Yeah, I think it was a similar thing, where I felt at first when I came to L. ” Marling: I also found that I started to feel just icky standing in a line in the Valley to go in to read for something that, even if I got the part, I would feel sort of morally complicated about playing. Marling: They were the things you could find at open-call auditions.