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So she’d make these costumes, and we’d dress up in them, and then, like, I’d come in, and she’d pretend to be asleep, and then I’d kiss her, and we’d have crazy sex. “I never really said ‘yes’ to this as much as I just never put a stop to it. I never confronted her about it; I sort of was like a lobster in slowly boiling water. There were a lot of no-touching rules and rules about consent.

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The trio’s swinging in the rain isn’t even dampened by the fact that guests can clearly be seen from the public highway.

Ten years ago this week, the world was blessed with the music of Taylor Swift when the wide-eyed country singer dropped her eponymous album.

Since that moment, we’ve crowned her America’s sweetheart...while also attempting to uncover her deepest, darkest “secrets.” A deluge of rumors, gossip, and conspiracy theories have linked Swift to everything from Satanic cults to evil twins. In honor of our 10-year Swiftie anniversary, and as buzz swirls that a new album will be out any day now, we’ve compiled some of the most bizarre, startling, and highly amusing conspiracy theories about the pop star.

Sun photographer Neil Hope and I posed as a curious couple, wandering freely without anyone challenging us.