Start Intimidating girl team names

Intimidating girl team names

Some team names have nothing to do with volleyball at all.

You can tinker with your rankings, identify your favorite sleepers (and busts), print your cheat sheet, practice your draft strategy with mock drafts, and constantly check for injury updates, but your 2016 preseason work isn't complete until you come up with a good fantasy football team name.

Some may say it's the most important part of the fantasy football season. If you're gonna lose, you might as well come up with a funny team name and make other people laugh -- with you or at you, your call. In fact, don't go those directions because those team names would be terrible.

It’s really not as cute as you think it is for anyone over about 8 years old.

Finally, I believe that sports should be an escape and a source of entertainment, therefore team names should’t offend anyone. [button color=”blue” link=””]NFL[/button] Redskins: Obviously, this is the first thing on our list. Yes, its a mouthful, but it’s cool and still not as bad as the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cardinals: Again, what do Cardinals have to do with Arizona? There are a bunch of cool desert names to choose from but those are kind of generic and boring. If your team is going to represent your region or city, why wouldn’t you want a name that depicts some aspect of the character of that place? Fans could wave duct tape in the air after goals or something. Honorable Mentions: Panthers (I don’t know, something better than Panthers) [button color=”blue” link=””]MLB[/button] Before we start we have to cover the Reds, Red Sox, and White Sox. At this point they are so old that they have developed a regional identity even if they are colors and/or articles of clothing. Indians: Almost as bad as Redskins (you’ll notice that Blackhawks and Chiefs did not make the list.

‘Rangers’ for a New York team is dumb because it’s meaningless. and 2) since the time the name was picked, we have learned a lot more about Velociraptors. Here’s the thing: the name made sense when they were the Minnesota Lakers–Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Predators sounds like the name of a generic Disney movie team.

Same thing with ‘Lakers’ in LA (where there are no lakes) or ‘Jazz’ in Utah (where there are no, um, nvm). They chose intimidation and alliteration over a cool name. Apparently, far from being a fearsome mini-T-Rex, it was actually more like a giant chicken with a long tail that could jump really high. I tried to play off the whole Music City, USA thing when coming up with a new name but struggled.

A team name shouldn’t characterize an entire group of people. Quite frankly, the fact that the Washington DC football franchise squandered the opportunity to name themselves after something to do with the nation’s capital when they moved to DC is as disappointing as their current racist name. Honestly, however, after fixing the Lakers and Clippers, I’m a little out of LA team name ideas. Ducks: ‘Ohh, I’m so scared, we’re playing the Ducks tonight, oooohhhhh.’ Boo. The reasons why I find difficult to articulate but I assure you there was some serious thought given to the issue).