Start Random live masturbation chat room

Random live masturbation chat room

it’s actually lots of fun, and gets us both very horny. Like I said, we’re interested in more people joining us.

It started with her showing me her feet on her webcam to help me get an erection for the penis thread.

Ok so i started masturbating at the early age of 14. t=50116 Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life.

This may be rude to some of you so im sorry for this. but i masturbated today and felt really plesured Sooo pleasured i reached a point of no return if you no what i mean, if not well i was ready to ejaculate, while/during ejaculating i didnt feel a pleaserable nice sensation, infact i didnt feel anything nice, i just noticed it coming out of my penis and it was simalar to the feeling of urination. I have been noticing this for nearly 3 weeks, My sex drive is normal as i can get horney easily at most times. I googled my symtoms and i came up with Anesthetic Ejaculation and Ejaculatory Anhedonia These infomation scared me soo much I dont have any mental problems as far as i know i just have High Anxiety and Hypochondria. Have you read this post also about OCD and somewhere better for sufferers to go:

I found this gem, and want to share it with you, I wish I could find someone someday to experiment the same……As most of you should know, I’m a huge fan of masturbation I do it anytime I can.

And, in fact, just recently have been doing it quite a lot… Up until now I’ve kept quite about this Now let me make something very clear here, it’s not like we’re in love or anything.

I don't think you should be afraid either because "nerve" damage of any description is highly unlikely if you're as young as you say you are.

I would guess that your problem is of a psychological nature linked to your OCD-related problems and will resolve itself once you get your anxiety under control. I havent been doing it hard allthough i have been rubbing fast.

She didn’t join in at that time, didn’t even watch me do it, but after I needed a ‘release’ later that day, she gave me another foot-show, while watching me on my cam.